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How to Use Your Mobility Scooter Properly

If you have decided to purchase a mobility scooter, then you have just taken a big step in maintaining your safety and independence. Having a mobility scooter in Adelaide will allow you carry on with your favorite activities, you will be able to continue an active lifestyle without endangering your safety or exhausting yourself. Here are a few ways that you can learn how to use your mobility scooter so that you can go and enjoy doing the things you love.


Familiarize with the controls

Before you ever take a ride out of your home, you need to familiarize yourself with its controls. This will make your first trips in public go more smoothly. Take a few rides around your house to learn how it steers and turns. Practice working the controls without looking at them so that they quickly become second nature to use. Once you are comfortable with driving your scooter around the house, take it outside. Learn how it responds to bumps in the ground and cracks in the sidewalk. This will help you to identify any problems that you may have when you have your mobility equipment out in public.


Study the terrain

As you use it away from home, take the time to survey the terrain. Check the ground for any inconsistencies or potholes. If you are in a building, you need to watch for obstacles and differences in flooring. The time that you spent practicing in your mobility scooter at home will now pay off because you will now know how to react to different situations. You will be aware of how to turn corners in the grocery store since you became familiar with how tightly your scooter turns. You will also know how quickly you need to brake to avoid an accident.

Follow all the safety procedures

Each time you take your mobility scooter out in public, you should take care to follow all of the necessary precautions that will keep you and others safe. If you will be driving it down a street or roadway, put a reflective triangle on it so that motorists can see you. Take care that you give pedestrians the space they need so that you do not accidentally run them over. You should also follow all of your city’s guidelines and ordinances on using a mobility scooter around town.