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Make Management Easy with Field Service Software

Managing and connecting with field-staff can be one of the biggest challenges for a company whose business model is base on the employment of large field staff. Companies like courier services, security services, technical equipment services, engineers, health-care service providers, emergency services in the healthcare sector, sales staff, etc. are all prime examples where the workforce is “invisible” to the management. Hence, their productivity, the issues that confront them and keeping them motivated, efficient and connected can be a daunting task.

Traditionally, measurement of field service productivity has been through reports and other statistical measures. However, they conduct these kinds of evaluations at the end of a particular working schedule or year. Hence they are not very efficient in dealing with issues as they arise. Nowadays, companies are using field service software to gather the latest information, provide facilities for technicians to order spares instantly, check their job-card scheduling, etc. The software also evaluates parameters like customer service, cost-minimisation, transport, selling new products and related services.

The use of mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, digital assistants and wearable computers is gaining ground to increase the connectivity between field service personnel and their home base. One advantage with the use of such mobility is that there is instant access to customer records, orders can be placed and dispatched directly by the field service staff, access to other employees and support systems is available in case the issue needs escalation and ultimately all these help to delight and retain customers.

An advantage of excellent field service management software is that it makes it easier to monitor the activities of employment staff so that they can evaluate areas of poor time-management can and this data can be conveyed to the staff to improve their productivity. The resultant cost-savings to the company can be enormous.

Another benefit of field service software is that technicians’ services can be accurately scheduled – the company can avoid over-booking, mix-ups and missing of appointments due to the absence of a particular staff. Job allocation can also be done in real-time if required. Updating field team on schedules, emergencies, and status of job-works is another benefit. If employees are on a roster system or shifts, field service software is ideal to create individual schedules and timetables. It optimises the company’s resources and time better.

For companies, field service software results in increasing worker productivity, avoiding unnecessary payouts of overtime, better inventory control, and forecasting and projecting for the financial year ahead.

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