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Refillable Glass Bottles Adelaide

The use of balers is the efficient way to go in recycling waste materials such as cardboard and others. It will make the materials compact which is ideal for storage. But what about that stuff that cannot be recycled? Glass bottles for instance. Read on to learn more.

Glass is durable in the form of a bottle, and it is refillable unlike plastic, but producing it can cost a lot of energy. For this reason, recycling is a wise option because it saves energy.

Experts have found that the cost of energy goes to low which is two or three percent for each ten percent of reused glass utilised in the manufacturing process. This recycling also minimises the use of resources as well, therefore providing less pollution.

So here’s the best news about bottle recycling Adelaide – costs are reduced even more when glass containers undergo sterilisation and reuse as opposed to crushing, melting, and reforming. Many aspects have an effect on the efficiency and the costs related to a bottle-recycling program that is, weighing it against reusing other containers that are not refillable such as tetra packs, pet bottles, or aluminium cans.

One aspect towards recycling success is whether recycling programs within the locality are doing well in gathering non-refillable containers. Another factor is the willingness of retailers in picking up these glass bottles after being used. One more factor is the restructuring of bottling operations of beverage companies to minimise the distance of travel for refillable. The last factor is the willingness of the beverage industry to utilise standard bottles as well as the government’s commitment to coerce them to follow it.

There are three main reasons why switching to glass containers is not that easy. One is, the beverage industry has gotten used to having specific characteristics to their product containers. As part of their marketing strategy, they control the colour, shape, opacity, and texture of their packaging making it distinctive from competitor products. The second reason is the fast food chains don’t want the responsibility of collecting bottles, which takes extra personnel, not to mention space for storage. The third barrier is the consumer himself. We have become so used to throwing away the packaging that using refillable bottles would affect change in our lifestyle

The fact that there are many bottles out there in our homes, offices and business, makes bottle recycling Adelaide significant. Those bottles in your home should not end up in a landfill. Instead, find a recycling company and take them there. These way, you become environmentally conscious, and you help save the environment.