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What is Rainwater Harvesting- What You Need to Know

With water being the world’s most precious resource to all natural life, it seems obvious that we should try to be aware of ways to collect and store it for future use. That is essentially what rainwater harvesting is all about. Rainwater is often collected from surfaces such as rooftops before being stored in a large range rainwater tanks Adelaide.

The harvesting of rainwater is a simple way of reusing what nature provides us. It’s also a fantastic way to help you save some money on your water bill. The collected water can be used for different things such as washing your car, conservatory or house windows, watering the garden and flowers, and even filling up a paddling pool! Those that aren’t connected to a water supply will rely on rainwater harvesting more than most. It helps hugely towards gaining a more efficient model of water use around your home.

Most harvesting comes from storing storm water, and this is a further benefit, in that it helps to fight the risk of ground flooding. By collecting the overspill of water, the grounds around your home are far less likely to get saturated and flooded by the rain. Indeed, that very same water will go on and be used constructively for some tasks. By whole streets taking on the role of rainwater harvesting, the potential damage caused by flooding can be significantly reduced.

It is thought that only run offs and over-spills from roofs are how to collect rain or storm water. That is not the case, however, and it is possible to obtain fresh water from ground run offs too. There are large range rainwater tanks Adelaide and pumps which go on to create a harvesting system and the size of this network is down to you, your finances and property. Most commonly seen is the water butt and these can be bought in many sizes. These can be a great way of collecting water coming straight out of a gutter.

Storage of water run off can easily be emptied too, in case of an overflow issue. Much is down to your specific rainwater harvesting requirements. It is possible to have a system installed under the ground which will help provide you with ground water and limit flooding at the same time in the event of storms or prolonged rainfall. Rainwater harvesting has many benefits and is the perfect way to help reuse what is given to us for free.