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Why Fitted Wardrobes are the Best Option for Your Room

Space is an important matter to decide when you are furnishing your room. Your room should give you the feel of relaxation. It should be as spacious as possible. It should help you to relax than making you feel suffocated. It must have your sleeping bed, a reading table, a dressing glass and a spacious wardrobe to store your clothes and other accessories.

However, the wardrobe and the bed is the most space-occupying furniture. You have to find some way out to keep them in such a manner that they do not make your room look cluttered. Fitted wardrobes Adelaide are a handy option if you are suffering from lack of space. These not only store a whole lot of your possessions but also give an elegant look to your bedroom. These are usually mounted on the wall.

What are the Drawbacks of a Stand-Alone wardrobe?

First and foremost, they take a lot of space in your room. As the doors usually open outward, these take the space if kept open. It is even hard to clean. For the taller ones, cleaning the top is a tough task. It is usually heavy so less mobile. You cannot easily transfer them from one place to another.

Why will you prefer a fitted wardrobe to a standalone one?

Well keeping aside the cost of installation, the customised ones are the best option for any household. Here are few points in favour of it:

* Adds space to your room: These types of furniture are usually fitted to the wall, so they do not occupy any additional space. This feature, in turn, makes your bedroom look big and spacious.

* Can be changed according to your need: The shelves can be rearranged or added as per change of need. As your life changes, your requirements change too. For example, you can add a new shelf to keep your shoes. Or else a new hanging section to keep your clothes.

* The look can be changed to add style: You have the opportunity to fit some lighting fixture to it. You can attach a mirror to it. You can even add a nicely designed sliding door which will add to its elegance.

* Can be cleaned easily: Cleaning is an important aspect we look into while acquiring furniture. These are the easiest to clean. It usually has removable parts. So cleaning is not a tough task.

As a conclusion, fitted wardrobes Adelaide should be your primary choice if you want to give your room an elegant look as well as enough space to hold your possessions. So if you are planning for a makeover of your room, these can be the first preference.